Ola Uber Banned in Pune

Will Ola and Uber rickshaws stop their services in Pune? Why did the RTO refuse to grant permission?

In Pune, there is a possibility that Ola and Uber’s rickshaw services may be suspended as the state transportation authority has refused to grant permission for rickshaw services. Ola and Uber have introduced green-colored kandils for their four-wheeler cab services, while red signals have been seen for rickshaw services. A decision on this matter was taken during the meeting of the State Transportation Authority held on Thursday, April 20.

Ola, Uber, and other companies providing online passenger services from three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles have been given a deadline until March 6 by the Supreme Court to apply for aggregator permits. After that, the state government had ordered the decision on the aggregator permit issue to be taken by April 20. As per that, Ola, Uber, and other companies had applied for the online passenger service and aggregator permits in various cities in the state, including Pune.

Ola, Uber, and Rapido had applied for three-wheelers in Pune, while other companies had applied for three-wheelers. Among them, Ola and Uber had been granted permission for their light vehicles to provide passenger services, but all four applications for rickshaw services were rejected. Therefore, Ola and Uber may suspend their passenger services in the city. The decision on this is yet to be made by the companies.

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