Where to get Best Poha in Pune

Where to get Best Poha in Pune

You can get much more types of snacks for getting Best Breakfast in the morning in Pune, But Poha is One of the best from them. We can have Very best and different taste of Puneri Poha in every hotel.

Everyone having their own specialty and own taste. Here we are going to give you some detailed information about some of the Best Poha in Pune.

Aamhi Pohekar

Amhi Pohekar, Pune
SRC: Instagram
Amhi Pohekar, Pune
SRC: Instagram

Aamhi Pohekar is a startup founded by 6 Engineers friends on 17th April 2019 at Narayan peth,Pune .

We serves 15+ varities of Pohe dishes. Idea behind Aamhi Pohekar is to serve different varieties of pohe available in various regions of India ,like Kokani pohe and dadape pohe from kokan , Indori pohe from indore, Nagpuri Tarri pohe from Nagpur under 1 roof and serve it with proper hygiene. We also innovative some pohe dishesh like Pohe Dahi Tadka, Bhel pohe, Pohe misal, pohe nuggets, Pohe cheese balls, Burger pohe, chaha pohe.

Our menu prices starts from Rs.20 to Rs.60.

Within very short span Aamhi Pohekar become popular because of the Taste of various varities of Pohe, Concept and hygiene . Many celebrities and chef’s tried our Pohe and many times you can see the queue to take a Pohe .

Aamhi Pohekar is serving all pohe lovers in 9 branches across Pune city, Pimpari Chinchwad, Sangli, Baramati and Panvel.❤️

We have branches at below locations:
➡️Narayan Peth, Pune
➡️New Sangvi, Pimpri Chinchwad
➡️Kothrud, Pune
➡️Panvel, New Mumbai
➡️Sahakar Nagar, Pune
➡️Akurdi, Pimpri Chinchwad
➡️Dange Chowk, Pimpri Chinchwad

Aamhi Pohekar is now opening soon in Karvenagar Pune .

Kanda Pohe Ani Barach Kahi

Kanda Pohe ani Barach Kahi, Pune
SRC: Instagram
Kanda Pohe ani Barach Kahi, Pune
SRC: Instagram

As the name sounds it is a traditional Maharastrian recipe of rice pieces ,generally had for breakfast in Marathi homes . This is the dish you will hope to be made when you are a visitor at any Marathi home and regardless of what time it is we offer this normally with tea to our visitor.

The most astounding viewpoint about this dish is that it is being produced using a very long time till today and regardless of the coming of numerous different dishes is as yet the key dish in customary Marathi families during the marriage fixing function when both the lady and lucky man’s families meet unexpectedly.

The dish nearly mirrors the human feeling or behavior,this dish has a generally excellent mix of appetizing and nutty flavors and still leaves the tart pleasantness toward the conclusion to the sense of taste which causes one to request one additionally serving.

Eating poha controls glucose levels. Poha is viewed as a decent supper for diabetics. A decent probiotic. A decent wellspring of sound sugars. Effectively absorbable. Wealthy in iron. Low in calories. We serves thirty plus sort of poha like Onion Poha, Tea Pohe, Konkani Poha, Boondi Poha, Aloo Pohe (Potato Poha), Tarri Pohe (Spicy Gravy), Sambar Pohe and so forth.

Rate – 20 rs. to 100 rs.


Speciality – Variants in Poha, Misal Pav , Poha Dosa

Amruteshwar, Nal stop, Pune

Pohe @Nal stop
SRC: Instagram

Hungry at midnight??? Craving for some poha or vada sambar or samosa?? Stay in kothrud or nearby areas?? . . Well a joint named Amruteshwar is ready to serve you post 2 am midnight. . . The poha is good. What I loved is vada sambar. Piping hot sambar with nice crispy vadas at midnight satiated my cravings at this hour. It’s 3.30 am right now and trust me the folks are just pouring in to eat something here.

Amruteshwar Pohe is One of the Best Poha in Pune bcause of its wee hours service.

If you’re extremely hungry, try their misal pav, veg patty and pulao also.

Price: Rs. 20/-

Location : Amruteshwar Bhuwan , Nal stop , Karve nagar ,pune.

Sushil Pohe

Sushil Pohe, Pune
SRC: Instagram
Sushil Pohe, Pune
SRC: Instagram

Sushil Pohe is also one of the best pohe in Pune. Its location is in main area of Pune where all coaching, colleges are near from there, so all students are goes to enjoy pohe @Sushil Pohe.

Best quality and taste of Pohe with loads of coriander, onion and peanuts. You will definitely love this place.

Price: Rs. 35/-

Location: Sushil Misal and Pohe.

Time: 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Indore Spices Pune

A small hotel on Aundh-Baner link road that opens early morning, this one’s a good spot to get over poha and chai after a sweaty jogging! It’s a home-away-from-home for Indoris in Pune, offering them a variety of Indori snacks, with the Poha topping the list, as usual. The Poha is slowing cooked with spices, and topped with Indori sevmasala boondi, and chopped onion. A perfect breakfast option to start the day with some MP vibes! Hindustan ka dil dekho.

You can also having taste Samosa and Jalebi here. One of the Best nashta center in pune.

Address: Indore Spices, Aundh

Time: 7:30 am to 9 pm

Price: Rs. 20

Contact: 8888806628

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