Covid test at Home now Coviself

Now Covid test at home, ICMR test kit approved

Now do Corona test at home, ICMR test kit approved

Testing the Corona is now much easier. The ICMR has approved a test kit to test corona at home. This will ensure that citizens no longer have to go around the lab.

The country is facing another wave of coronavirus (coronavirus india). More than two and a half lakh new patients are being found in the country every day. Citizens face many difficulties and problems to test the corona. This problem has arisen due to the increasing number of patients. Similarly, ICMR has now approved one such test kit (icmr approves test kit). So that we can test corona at home (covid test at home). ICMR has approved a kit for rapid antigen testing. With the help of this kit, citizens will be able to take samples of Corona through their nose at home. ICMR has also issued guidelines for this.

How to do the Covid test at home?

  • Only citizens with symptoms can be tested at home. As well as citizens who have been in contact with positive patients
  • This test should be done at home according to the manual given by the company
  • To test Corona at home, you need to download the mobile app from Google Play Store and Apple Store
  • Get positive or negative report through the mobile app
  • Those who are going to test at home will have to take a photo of the test strip and this photo will have to be taken on the same phone on which the app has been downloaded.
  • Data on mobile phones will go directly to ICMR’s testing portal store
  • Patient privacy will be maintained
  • Those who report positive with this test will be considered positive and will not need any other test.
  • Citizens who test positive will have to follow the guidelines issued by ICMR and the Ministry of Health regarding home isolation.
  • Despite the symptoms, their report will be negative. They will have to undergo an RTPCR test
  • All those with rapid antigen-negative will be considered asymptomatic or suspected covid patients and will remain in home isolation until an RTPCR test is reported.
  • The name of this kit is COVISELF (Pathocatch)
  • With this kit, citizens have to take nasal swab through their nose

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