sit-in agitation of students in Pune

Students angry over the postponement of MPSC pre-examination, sit-in agitation of students in Pune

Students are angry after the Maharashtra Public Service Commission postponed the state service pre-examination 2020, to be held on March 14. Studying for competitive exams Students in Pune are angry and have taken to the streets. Students have staged a sit-in protest against the decision of the Public Service Commission. Police have also used mild beatings on students.

exams postponed, due to Corona

The decision has been taken against the backdrop of increasing corona patients in the state. So, nothing is said in the circular of the Public Service Commission regarding Maharashtra Engineering Pre-Examination. Maharashtra Public Service Commission has given this information by issuing a press release today. There is an atmosphere of anger among the students as the state government has postponed the exams. Attempts were made by the police to persuade the students. However, the students did not listen to the police. BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar has joined the agitation. The pre-service state service examination on October 11, 2020, was postponed due to the aggressive stance taken by Maratha organizations on the Maratha reservation issue.

BJP MLA Gopichand Padalkar slept on the road

UPSC to CET exams. Students from rural areas study in Pune. The exam should be held on the 14th. Gopichand Padalkar has warned not to do politics in MPSC exams. This is a confused government, alleged Gopichand Padalkar.

Satyajit Tambe’s appeal to the government to seek a decision

Congress youth leader Satyajit Tambe has also condemned the state government’s decision. Satyajit Tambe has protested against the sudden decision to postpone the MPSC exam. What is going to be achieved by postponing the exam all of a sudden, Tambe asked. Tambe has appealed to reconsider that decision immediately.

Government’s planning went wrong: Pravin Darekar

The planning of the state government is wrong. The government should do the planning. Trying to play with the children’s future. The Chief Minister of the state should pay attention to this. Students should try to comfort themselves. Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Pravin Darekar said, “Maharashtra has not stopped, it will not stop.

Increase age limit for students: Chandrakant Patil

Postponing the MPSC exam is extremely unfair for students. This confusion is due to the lack of coordination in this government. Every student is trying for this exam for 2 to 3 years. It takes many years of hard work and effort behind it so it is natural for students to take to the streets. I demand that the state government should take a decision to increase the age limit for MPSC government jobs to 2 years immediately, said BJP leader Chandrakant Patil.

You cannot postpone MPSC exams indefinitely. As the age goes by, the opportunities disappear, these exams must be taken. The decision of the government is wrong, the exams that should be held now, the exams that should be held now, these exams have been postponed four times, said Devendra Fadnavis.

Decision after letter from Disaster Management Department

The pre-service exams on March 14 have been restricted by various districts as a precautionary measure against the high incidence of coronavirus in the state. Were. The decision has since been made.

Corona and Maratha reservation postponed due to postponement of exams

Meanwhile, after the Supreme Court adjourned the Maratha reservation, the demand for postponing the MPSC exams was gaining momentum. After that, the Thackeray government had taken a big decision to postpone the MPSC exam. At that time, the Chief Minister had made it clear that no student would be disqualified as the examination was postponed. The Chief Minister had also said that the next date of the MPSC examination will be announced soon. After that, the exam dates have been announced today.

The MPSC exams, which have a reputation in the state due to corona infection and lockdown, had been stalled since last year. Candidates who have been preparing for many years were waiting for these exams. All transactions are going smoothly under Unlock. Therefore, there was a demand from these candidates that the MPSC examination should also be held as soon as possible.

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