The wrong turn in Alka Chowk was the U-turn of the girl’s life

Paud: A father who raised money for the treatment of a girl with blood cancer got a ray of hope in the form of Avinash Balkwade, the district president of Yuvasena. Due to Balkwade’s diligent efforts, Rs 12 lakh was provided from the government scheme for treatment and the surgery on Chimurdi was successful. Of course, the father, who got into a wrong turn from his bike in the tension of collecting money, got a U-turn with the help of traffic police and health friends.

Durva Amit Jadkar (resident of Shivne, native of Ahmednagar) was diagnosed with blood cancer at the age of 22 years. Amit was a supervisor in a pharmaceutical company in Mumbai. He had come to his brother at Shivne in Pune for treatment of the girl. She has been undergoing treatment at Dinanath Hospital since December. He said the cost of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant was Rs 25 lakh. The parents of Durva were shocked when they were told that the treatment of the girl would cost Rs 25 lakh. He started borrowing money, breaking gold coins, borrowing money and raising money from government schemes. Some thirteen lakh rupees were collected.

Amit was riding his bike through Alka Tanki Chowk at night to collect money. In the tension of getting help for the girl’s treatment, he went the wrong way. He was stopped by Traffic Police Constable Amit Jamdade of Vishrambag Police Station. Thirteenth month of famine befell them. They literally couldn’t stop crying in front of the traffic police. At that time, after Jamdade interrogated Jadkar, the traffic police also got upset. Police inspectors Bharat Chandanshiv, Amit Jamdade, Suhas Suryavanshi, Akshay Bandal, Pramod Pawar and Rahim Sheikh, who were working there, reassured them. Jamdade contacted health friends Jeevan Khandagale and Vaishali Sakhare. Khandagale works part-time at the Jumbo Covid Center, preparing for the sugar competition exams. Both came to Alka Talkie Square. Understood all the pain of Jadkar. He immediately contacted Avinash Balkwade about this.

During the Corona period, Balkwade was instrumental in reducing the medical bills of the needy. In recognition of his work during the Corona period, he was appointed as the District President of the Shiv Sena Medical Aid Cell. Durva’s parents met Balkwade. He pleaded for help with his daughter’s plea. Balkwade immediately moved the formulas. Contacted charities, hospitals and government agencies. His efforts resulted in a provision of Rs 12 lakh through various schemes. Earlier, Chandanshiv and his colleagues as well as Khandagale and Sakhare also posted on social media appealing to friends and relatives for help. Therefore, from Maharashtra alone, seventy thousand rupees were collected in a single day. Due to the prompt cooperation of all, successful surgery was carried out on Durva. After Durva was discharged from the hospital after overcoming blood cancer, the traffic police celebrated by cutting a cake in Alka Chowk. Balakwade along with his wife Sucheta, Kunal Kande and Pratik Khomane went to Shivna and met Durva.

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