50% of serum vaccines are for Indians only, people do not have to buy them; Punawala’s claim

Mumbai: From the South Pole to the North Pole, from Wadgaon Budruk to Washington, everyone is wondering when the corona will be vaccinated. Work is now underway at Oxford University to develop a vaccine on this corona. The results of the first and second stages of human testing of this vaccine are positive. If this vaccine is successful, it will be a great relief to the world. The vaccine will be manufactured in India at the Serum Institute, Pune. Vaccine development from the Serum Institute is in full swing.

A report on vaccines produced by Oxford and the Serum Institute was published in The Lancet, a well-known medical journal. On the very next day, Adar Poonawala has made an important claim. About 50 per cent of the serum vaccines will be available to Indians. Also, people will not have to pay any price for this, claims Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawala.

“If all the tests for this vaccine are successful and all the results are in order, then the Serum Institute will also produce these vaccines in association with Oxford. These vaccines will be procured from the government once they are ready. So people can get them for free, ”Poonawala claimed. He has made this claim in an interview to India Today.

Serum Institute is a company in India which is one of the leading vaccine manufacturing companies in the world. At present, various efforts are being made to find a vaccine against coronavirus. The third phase of the vaccine, which is being developed in collaboration with Oxford and the Serum Institute, is yet to be completed. “We are working to take this step to India so that the vaccine can be mass-produced in India,” Poonawala said.

Meanwhile, on the other hand initially any vaccine is made in bulk (in large quantities). Similarly, this vaccine is also made in bulk. After some more processing, we will start filling the vaccine into bottles. The vaccine will also be tested on Indians. These tests will begin in the first week of August. The tests will be performed on 1,500 Indians, said Rajiv Dhere, executive director of the Serum Institute.

Experiments by Oxford University scientists, ongoing trials on fifteen hundred people in India, and legal submissions will be completed in November. Therefore, the vaccine may be available to the public in December or in the next few days. The vaccine may be available in England a little earlier. But we have billions of doses of this vaccine. So it will be available to everyone immediately. “I am a scientist and so far we have come close to 90 to 95 per cent corona vaccine based on the progress of Oxford University scientists’ experiments,” Rajiv Dhere claimed.

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