Best Places to visit in Lonavala

Lonavala is a major tourist destination in Maharashtra and attracts a large number of tourists from all over the country along with Mumbai and Pune. Lonavala is a major hill station in Pune district. It is 620 meters above sea level and is situated in the Sahyadri mountain range. Being close to Mumbai-Pune, it is crowded with tourists on weekends. Lonavala is one of the major cold spots in Maharashtra. High mountain ranges, valleys, waterfalls, forests, forts, caves, cool air, natural resources, amusement parks, theme parks, camping, paragliding, bungee jumping are some of the major attractions for tourists.

Lonavala is at a distance of 70 km from Pune and about 100 km from Mumbai. Tourists visit this place to get some leisure from the daily stressful life.

History of Lonavala

Lonavala is located on the ancient trade route that runs through the Bor Ghats

Caves have been built in the mountains for habitation. The connection of this place with the caves and chaityagrihas built by Buddhist monks in this area must have been in the second century BC. Lonavala came under the rule of the Yadavas, who later came under the rule of the Mughals. Finally, in the seventeenth century, along with Pawan Maval, Lonavala was under the rule of the Marathas. Until the Third Anglo-Maratha War, the region was under Maratha rule.

In 1871, when Lord Elphinstone of the East India Company was the Governor of Mumbai Province, Lonavala and Khandala would have been developed and settled here. Since the British authorities did not tolerate the hot weather in Mumbai, they used to move to Lonavala in summer.

Best places to visit in Lonavala

In this article, we will look at the main tourist destinations in Lonavala in order to make it easier to visit the tourist destinations here after coming to enjoy a holiday in Lonavala.

1. Bhushi Dam:

Bhushi Dam is a popular destination for Varsha tourists. Thousands of tourists flock to the dam to enjoy the water flowing down the steps from the sewers of the dam. The waterfall is on the embankment built on the river Indrayani. Here tourists can enjoy soaking and swimming in the waterfall. Bhushi Dam is at a distance of eight kilometers from Lonavala.

Entry to this place is free but from 9 am to 4 pm.

2. Carla Caves:

This place is famous for its caves carved out of rocks in the mountains at a distance of 12 km from Lonavala. This place has Lenya Satyagraha and Ekvira Devi temple. These caves were built in the second century BC. It is amazing to break a very hard basalt rock and do a very beautiful carving. Outside the Chaityagriha, there is a victory pillar carved in solid stone. The caves are generally designed as chaityagrihas and rooms for Buddhist monks.

Entrance fee: Indian tourists Rs. 30/-
for foreign tourists: Rs 300/-

Time: 9am to 5pm

3. Bhaje Caves:

Bhaje Caves There are ancient Buddhist caves in the hills of Bhaje on the south side of Malwali railway station near Lonavala. There is a Chaityagriha and 12 Viharas in this place. These caves were declared a National Protective Monument in 1909. The idols of Suryanarayana and Indra are installed in these caves. The Sun Caves are famous here and Manmohan is fascinated by the craftsmanship of this place. These caves date back to the 2nd century BC. You can go to see the vegetable caves anytime of the year.

4. Rajmachi Point:

Rajmachi Point is located in the Ghats of Khandala near Lonavala. The place is on Mumbai-Pune old highway. Rajmachi is the main tourist reservation at Lonavala. It got the name Rajmachi Point from this historical fort. From this place Rajmachi fort in Mavla. Sahyadri mountain ranges, rain waterfalls, green mountains, tears fall. Landscape photography can be done from this place. There is a garden at Rajmachi Point where tourists can spend their time exploring nature.

5. Lions Point:

Lions Point in Lonavala is located 12 km from Lonavala between Bhushi Dam and Valley. The view from Lions Point is mesmerizing. The natural beauty of this place attracts tourists with its small waterfalls flowing through the mountains during the rainy season. Tourists should definitely visit this place and enjoy the nature.

6. Tiger Point or Tiger Leap:

The famous Tiger Lip in Lonavala is near the village of Kurwade on the way to Amby Valley. The view from this place is very captivating. The mountain that breaks through the clouds is astonished as the cone goes. There is a mountain cone called Tiger Leap here and the forest is completely crazy, so I am happy to see the greenery there. During the monsoons, millions of tourists come here to fetch water from the waterfalls. The Tiger Lift is at a distance of 12 km from Lonavala.

7. Sunil Wax Museum:

The Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum in Lonavala is a special attraction for tourists. The museum is in the city of Lonavala. In this museum, wax statues of famous personalities, players, actors, politicians from all over the world have been unveiled.

The museum has an entrance fee of Rs 150 per person and runs from 9 am to 10 pm.

8. Lohgad Fort:

Lohgad fort, which is close to Lonavala, is of general importance in the Maratha Empire. This fort was annexed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1648. Its construction is characteristic and its doors are special. Upon arrival the doors are worth seeing the Jupiter gun water tank. There is a step way to go. From this fort, the entire area of ​​Pawan Mavala can be seen. This fort is at a distance of twenty kilometers from the eye. A fee of Rs. 25 per person is charged for visiting the fort.

Along with Lohgad, Visapur fort can also be seen in one day.

9. Tikona Fort:

Tikona fort in Pawan Mavla is named Tikona because of its triangular shape in the vicinity of Pavana dam near Lonavala. Tourists who love trekking should visit Tikona. The height of this fort from sea level is 3480 feet. The gates on the fort, the towers, the water tank, the Mahadev temple are worth seeing. Tourists trekking on this fort must wear safety gears.

Along with Tikona, tourists can trek to Tung Fort.

10. Imagica Theme Park:

Located at a distance of 27 km from Lonavala, Imagica Theme Park caters to adults as well as children. Imagica is one of the major theme parks in Maharashtra. There are three different types of water parks, snow parks and theme parks that can be enjoyed by tourists. The water activity here is special. There is an entrance fee for every 900 people at this place.

11. Kamshet Paragliding Bungee Jumping:

Tourists who love adventure sports should not be disappointed as there are various adventure sports available in Lonavala including paragliding bungee jumping gokart dressing.

For tourists interested in paragliding, paragliding can be done in Lonavala at a fee of Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000 per person.

You can do bungee jumping in Lonavala. The depth of bungee jumping is about 150 feet.

12. Pawana Lake Camping:

Lake camping as well as music dance can be enjoyed at this place where you can go for a bit of relaxation from the stressful life. Tent facility is available at this place. You can sit on the side of the dam and enjoy a cool evening. Tents at this place charge around Rs. 1000 per night and include meals and snacks.

13. Kune waterfall

In Lonavala, when you look around in the rainy season, you can see the waterfalls flowing through the mountain valleys. It is a great pleasure to see the water falling from the high cliffs. The water of the waterfall flows in stages. The Kune waterfall is on the river Ulhas. The waterfall is very beautiful and attracts tourists during the rainy season. This waterfall is located in Kune village near Khandala. This waterfall is near Mumbai-Pune highway and is at a distance of 8 km from Lonavala.

best time to visit Lonavala

The best time to visit Lonavala is from October to March as it is raining and there is a cool green air everywhere. Most of the tourist points of the place are worth seeing during the monsoons like Bhushi Dam.

best local foods of Lonavala

As Lonavala is a major tourist destination in Maharashtra, there is a lot of variety to eat there. They can eat Vadapav tea bhaji as well as kanis baked in the rainy season. Maharashtrian Thali Punjabi Thali South Indian can be especially enjoyed at the meal.

After visiting Lonavala, however, don’t forget to take Lonavala Chikki.

How to reach Lonavala

As Lonavala is on the Pune-Mumbai National Highway, there are many options to get to this place. You can follow the road by rail or by air.

How to reach Lonavala by road

As Lonavala is located on the Pune-Mumbai National Highway, you can use the road to get to this place.

If you want to use public transport, State Transport Corporation’s semi-comfortable, comfortable, Shivshahi and Shivneri buses are running on Mumbai-Pune route.

How to reach Lonavala by train

Lonavala is a railway station in the city and is connected to the Mumbai-Pune railway line, so Lonavala can be reached from anywhere in the country. At the same time local train service is also running from Mumbai to Pune.

Vistadom coach on Mumbai-Pune route

New Vistadom coach in Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express special train. Special transparent coaches have been added to enjoy the natural beauty of Lonavala Khandala. Similarly, the seating arrangement has been given world class quality.

How to reach Lonavala by flight

The nearest airport is Pune International Airport at a distance of 70 km from Lonavala. Pune Airport having domestic and international airlines.

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