Pune university chawk flyover

The flyover at Pune University Chowk will be demolished for the metro route

Double flyover at the bridge site

It has been decided to demolish this bridge and build a double flyover at that place. One of the bridges will be for the metro project only. The second bridge will be used for BRT and other private vehicles. So other vehicles will be allowed on the road below that.

Pune: The Pune Metropolitan Area Development Authority (PMRDA) has decided to demolish the flyover on the Ganeshkhind road for the Hinjewadi to Shivajinagar Metro project. The proposal will be sent to the state government by the authority in the next two days. The bridge will be demolished during the lockdown.

PMRDA has undertaken the work of Metro project between Hinjewadi and Shivajinagar. The entire metro route will be elevated. The work has been outsourced to Tata-Siemens on BOT basis. The metro undertaken by PMRDA passes through Pune University Chowk on Ganeshkhind road within the limits of Pune Municipal Corporation. The three flyovers on this route are causing problems. If the metro route is changed without demolishing the flyover, government and private space will have to be taken over. It can also increase the cost of the project. The idea was to demolish the flyover instead. Three months ago, the new office of the Slum Rehabilitation Project on Ganeshkhind Road was inaugurated by the Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar. Pawar had made a statement regarding the flyover at the event.

There have been some mistakes in the past. That shouldn’t be the case for a hundred years. So they need to be corrected. Pawar had clarified that there is a plan to demolish the flyover on this road and build a two-storey flyover on the road below. Two days ago, Pawar called an emergency meeting of PMRDA officials to review the corona. It contained instructions to demolish the flyover.

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In this regard, PMRDA Commissioner Vikram Kumar said, “Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar had approved the demolition of the flyover and instructed to send such a proposal. Work is underway to prepare a proposal accordingly. It will be sent to the state government in two days. “

Now the mistake will be corrected

The flyovers on Ganeshkhind Road were constructed by MSRDC in 2006. It was admitted at the inauguration of the bridge that the planning was wrong. Experts say it should have been built for double carriage instead of single carriage. This mistake is now being rectified in the wake of the Metro project.

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